Starting an internal startup

October 11, 2019
Speaking with Gareth Davis of Fluxus Thailand about starting an internal startup and focusing on markets  Visit SEAC at: You can find out more about fluxus at: 
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What is Empathy and How do You Use It

October 10, 2019
Micheal defines what empathy is and isn’t How it fits into business and entrepreneurship and the basic UI/UX of just about everything. And most importantly why it needs to be practiced  You can find out more about SEAC at: and you can find out more about Micheal at     
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Marty Rosenheck Developing Mastery

October 09, 2019
Marty Rosenheck discusses mastering skills, an area he has spent his career researching and helping people to understand. To find out more about SEAC visit us at: 
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Going from Side Hustle to Business and Developing a Leadership Style

October 08, 2019
In this episode I talk with Damian Karnis the Founder and CEO of Siam Car Deal to talk about going from side hustle to business, acquiring skills on the job and developing a leadership style To find out more about SEAC you can find us at: You can find out more about Damian and Siam Car Deal at:     
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The Power of Lifelong Learning

October 03, 2019
In this episode, I sit down with friend of the show Dr. Kay to discuss the shift a lot of companies are undergoing from traditional to lifelong learning and how it will impact everyone in the workforce.  To find out more about SEAC visit us at 
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